Saturday, March 20, 2010

Halftime Stats

Really, the entire game boils down to this: Princeton is shooting 20% (7-35) from the field, without any made threes. That's easily their worst shooting output of the season, and would even be lower than any they've allowed.

The perplexing thing is, from my vantage point right in the Princeton frontcourt, I don't feel like they're taking that many low-percentage shots. They're not getting the wide-open looks that they often have, but considering the fact that they're playing against a top-20 team I feel like they're getting pretty good attempts. I don't know if it's the big gym (which sometimes is said to affect shooting) or if they've just been unlucky, but the shots aren't falling. Up and down the lineup: Edwards is 2-10, Allgood 2-8, Rasheed 2-7, and Micir 0-7.

St. John's is 15-32 from the field (47%), which is the entire difference. Princeton is outrebounding the Red Storm (12 of 28 possible offensive rebounds, compared to 6 of 20 for St. John's), losing the turnover battle but only 7-4, and even in free throw attempts. Edwards is having a terrific day on the glass, with 10 boards already.

Although the game seemed pretty hectic near the beginning, this is actually a slow-paced game: 33 possessions, below Princeton's average. They'll want to pick up the pace in this half, though; more possessions means more scoring opportunities, which they need to get back in this.

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